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Practices and Projects

Instead of posting one project per post, I gathered all of my practices and projects that I have created in here.

My first practice with the Italic hand using Steadtler Calligraph Duo Black.

In Maryanne's book, she guides you first by practicing  the hands with a no. 2 pencil. Since I did not buy any materials mentioned in the book, I make do with what I had. I always find it irritable that my handwriting is not good (and here I thought my handwriting was perfect!).

Carolingian hand using the green colored calligraph pen.
Gothic hand using Sheaffer Calligraphy Pens
This time I used the Sheaffer calligraphy pens I bought several weeks after I ordered my first calligraphy instructional book from Amazon. It writes nicely but will not produce the same results as those in the book. Still, it is  a good alternative for practicing.
Foundational hand using Sheaffer Calligraphy pens.

Uncial hands using Steadtler Calligraph Duo Violet.
This was my first project after practicing each hands in the book. The upper version was smeared because I erased the guidelines while the silver metallic ink was still wet.

Names of people in my circle in Google Plus.
I really love writing names ever since I learned how to write Italic during first grade. Whenever I have free time (or trying to make free time), I'd get some papers, slant them and write as fast as I can with the names I can remember. Writing names was also the reason I discovered calligraphy (refer to first post).  
More names in Italic hand.
The names in the previous picture are all gathered from different variations I did. The picture above, aside from Shizu-chan's name are names of the *Maiko-sans and Geiko-sans of Kyoto: Satsuki, Fukuho, Ichimomo, Umechika and Kimika. When I wrote Umechika's name, I kept repeating the U to get the kind of U that I want. The last one is  a trial for Stellar Camp's logo.

**Evening Star by Edgar Allan Poe on Carolingian hand

*You can find great collection of photos of the maikos and geikos of Kyoto through Flickr. I cannot post them here since the author of those photos stated not to share in other websites.
 **source: Edgar Allan Poe's Evening Star


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Copperplate Practice: Quotes

When I started practicing the majuscules, they were divided into sets, and the first set was from the letters A to H. I encountered troubles doing the majuscules but most of it was fun to do because I love doing flourishes with the capital letters, especially when I take notes during my primary and secondary education. The image below is a combination of names, fruits, countries and miscellaneous objects.

These are all quotes I collected into my little journal. The second quote by Andre Gide has a minor mistake (aside from the need for improving consistency), the miniscule letter 'L' in the word 'faithful'. I knew it was l, but when I reached the last letter of that word, what came into my mind was writing 'f', thus the result. I realized it too late, but glad I was able to stop about 3/4 of the complete form. I really love writing the miniscule 'f', so it may have made its way into my brain then to my hand muscles. 
I do not know anything about the aut…

Copperplate Practice

Though my last post said that it was the last practice I had with the Italic hand does not mean I'm no longer going to do the script. Just for this time, I am focusing my attention on mastering Copperplate.

Since last January, I decided to focus on mastering Copperplate or Roundhand Script/Engrosser's Script (?) as they call it. I like writing in cursive and my natural handwriting is in cursive. When I was still in grade school, our teachers were so strict with cursive they want our notes to be in one. If not, it would reflect on our final grades. Due to such discipline, my right hand got used to cursive.

I bought it from Book Depository together with other four books which I will be sharing in another post. Book Depository send their books individually, free of shipment. I am very happy to say that the condition of the book are good after they have arrived at my house. Out of the five books I have ordered, this came a little bit late, like more than a month after they have s…

Apache Wedding Prayer

I started practicing Copperplate so that I can create the kind of gift I want to give to my brother and his wife for their wedding. This is the result:

I daresay, I am a bit disappointed ^^; Maybe because I was hurrying in trying to finish this or that there were a lot of mistakes in it. I did not have any special fine papers around to work with, so I only used the Boris Layout Pad (a shame, really) for this project. As with the ink, I only used black gouache paint. The same goes with the blue rose drawing. I did not use the W&N nor the Pelikan black ink I have with me for this project because I do not like the result it makes. 
I did have a previous version made, but it was a practice pad. I don't know what made me choose the bigger flower; I should've sticked with my first choice. Too late, I already gave the gift, anyway. But I'm happy that the bride likes it. I'll try better and work harder on my next project. 

Source: Native American Wedding Vows