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Copperplate Practice

Though my last post said that it was the last practice I had with the Italic hand does not mean I'm no longer going to do the script. Just for this time, I am focusing my attention on mastering Copperplate.

Since last January, I decided to focus on mastering Copperplate or Roundhand Script/Engrosser's Script (?) as they call it. I like writing in cursive and my natural handwriting is in cursive. When I was still in grade school, our teachers were so strict with cursive they want our notes to be in one. If not, it would reflect on our final grades. Due to such discipline, my right hand got used to cursive.

I bought it from Book Depository together with other four books which I will be sharing in another post. Book Depository send their books individually, free of shipment. I am very happy to say that the condition of the book are good after they have arrived at my house. Out of the five books I have ordered, this came a little bit late, like more than a month after they have s…

My Last Italic Practice

What's this? My blog has been empty for 1, 3, 5.... several months? What have I been doing in those months? And my Google+ page is getting empty too! Grrr...

Okay, I admit. I'm lazy updating my blog. My eyes (brain, specifically) were focused on something else. Blame manga! They keep updating my favorites! <-- Ignore it, they are just lame excuses.

Since my last post I was still practicing italics. Do I still remember what I did in those times? My last work with the italics was this flower poem:

To The Cyclamen by Walter Savage Landor
I got this poem from a book I bought from a used book shop. The book was first published in the year 1991 which makes it quite an old book but still looks new.