Copperplate Practice

Though my last post said that it was the last practice I had with the Italic hand does not mean I'm no longer going to do the script. Just for this time, I am focusing my attention on mastering Copperplate.

Since last January, I decided to focus on mastering Copperplate or Roundhand Script/Engrosser's Script (?) as they call it. I like writing in cursive and my natural handwriting is in cursive. When I was still in grade school, our teachers were so strict with cursive they want our notes to be in one. If not, it would reflect on our final grades. Due to such discipline, my right hand got used to cursive.

My natural handwriting... blown by the wind :)

The book I used for self-teaching Copperplate

I bought it from Book Depository together with other four books which I will be sharing in another post. Book Depository send their books individually, free of shipment. I am very happy to say that the condition of the book are good after they have arrived at my house. Out of the five books I have ordered, this came a little bit late, like more than a month after they have sent out the order. I was worried though since amongst all the books that I ordered, this one was my priority because I needed to learn Copperplate as soon as possible. I sent a complaint to Book Depository and they replied, saying that the item is overdue. They gave me two options: either a refund or they send a new copy. I chose the latter, further adding that I am willing to wait for the book because it is very important to me. A week later after I have made the complaint, the book arrived. I felt happy and guilty at the same time because I got two books at a price of one book! Buy one, take one?I took a photo of the book, together with the bill and sent it to Book Depository. Maybe I can still cancel that resend order but it seems they have already sent the new copy. Since it can no longer be canceled, they say that once I already have the book in my hands, I can keep it with their compliments. Woohoo! The other book is sleeping soundly in my little book treasury :) I recommend ordering books from them. In the first place, this website was recommended to me by Shizu-chan.

Basic Copperplate minuscule strokes

I ordered another batch of tools and materials from Paper & Ink Arts as mentioned in the book (although the website was not mentioned. I learned it from Maryanne's book.). There were a lot of choices but I settled with ones I saw first in the online shop:

  • Gillott 170
  • Gillott 1950
  • Gillott 404
  • Gillott 303
  • Hiro 40 
  • Hunt 101 currently using
  • Hunt 56
  • Mitchell/Rexel Copperplate Elbow
Paper Pads: Bienfang 360 Graphics & Rhodia Pad
Oblique Pen Holder: Speedball Red Peerless Holder

While waiting for these to arrive, I practiced using the Brause Steno Nib with a straight pen holder. I had to change the angle of the paper so that I could get that desired slant. The reason why I bought different pointed nibs is to find one that I feel comfortable with. 

Practicing Copperplate was a little bit challenging because I could not write as fast as I can like what I did with my cursive handwriting. If you do get so fast, you will ruin the form of the letters! Most calligraphy books I have read so far has always emphasized that students should go really, really slow.

As of now, I have already finished practicing the minuscules but they still need more practice.
My minuscule practice
F variations

Triple f challenge and other letter variations


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