Sunday, July 27, 2014

Copperplate Practice: Quotes

When I started practicing the majuscules, they were divided into sets, and the first set was from the letters A to H. I encountered troubles doing the majuscules but most of it was fun to do because I love doing flourishes with the capital letters, especially when I take notes during my primary and secondary education. The image below is a combination of names, fruits, countries and miscellaneous objects.

A-Z Majuscules
Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quote by Andre Gide

Quote by Red Haircrow
These are all quotes I collected into my little journal. The second quote by Andre Gide has a minor mistake (aside from the need for improving consistency), the miniscule letter 'L' in the word 'faithful'. I knew it was l, but when I reached the last letter of that word, what came into my mind was writing 'f', thus the result. I realized it too late, but glad I was able to stop about 3/4 of the complete form. I really love writing the miniscule 'f', so it may have made its way into my brain then to my hand muscles. 

I do not know anything about the authors except Emerson, since I have learned about him during my literature class. Honestly, I have to admit I forgot all about him other than he has exceptional literature work. Andre Gide and Red Haircrow I know nothing about, but their words have profound meaning. I got the quote by Red Haircrow from Google+. Lots of interesting people there and supporters, too. 

Next time, I will share my complete work with the numbers. I hope I am able to make a good project before the tenth month of the year.