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Tools and Materials

Most of the tools and materials I have are bought exclusively from Paper & Ink Arts. I vouch for their amazing service, and they answer every question I have, especially when it comes to shipment. There is another site that sells some amazing tools and materials that you cannot find in Paper & Ink Arts: John Neal Bookseller. I have not bought anything from the latter yet, but they are recommended by a number of professional calligraphers, such as Maryanne Grebenstein (CALLIGRAPHY: A Course in Hand Lettering) and Michael Sull (Spencerian penman).I also joined The Flourish Forum recently. You can find a lot of information about the basics and advanced techniques/tools/materials to use for calligraphy.


Broad Edge nibs (left side, from the top):
Speedball C2
Speedball C3
Mitchell Roundhand Square Nib 4
Mitchell Roundhand Square Nib 2.5
Brause C Nib 1.5mm
Brause C Nib 2.0mm

I mainly use Brause nibs for practice and making fun projects, but I often switch with Speedball since…