Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Progress So Far

When was the last post? I've been slacking with my blog (^^ゞ

But anyway, here it is! My latest post. 

Recalling the past two years, I have practiced six scripts: Italic, Gothic, Foundational, Copperplate, Uncial and Carolingian. I haven't practiced much with the last two scripts, but I will be doing that from now. With all these six scripts, I'll be making more challenging projects, just like this one: 

My first greeting card project
This project was done spontaneously. I originally wanted to give someone a sample of my work (addressing envelopes), but thinking that my recipient is getting married (by the time of this posting, the couple are already getting ready for the wedding), I thought of adding more excitement to this. I think I finished this project for about eight hours or so.

So why is this a challenge to me? Actually, I already had previous projects similar to this. Those were challenging too, but I made that project two years ago. I want to put more illustrations with my work, but after making those two cards (which I will be posting it below), I lost my motivation to continue it. It was supposed to be seven cards, but I stopped after the second one because it was not the one I had in mind. There was too much work need to be done, such as drawings. I guess I was just overwhelmed of the fact that to draw the image I have in mind, I need to study and practice drawing. Not to mention color.

First law of gold - my first card project

Second law of gold - first of the two card project

Excuses are not going to get me anywhere, so I'll be challenging myself. I forgot that I got compliments for these two cards. Thank you very much for those wonderful words, Night Owl! (Thinks of adopting a barn owl...)

My next project will be combining the three of the four scripts I have practiced. I had trouble with centering phrases, but because of my first greeting card and looking at the books I have, I already have an idea how to make it perfect. They may not be near perfect as of yet, but I'll do better with my future projects. 

Here's what I did for almost four hours (with breaks):

That's it! I'll do my best to fill my blog with anything I'm doing with calligraphy. 

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