Thursday, September 8, 2016

Greetings, for such a long time!

Long time no see, my blog and to all who visited my blog. Great day, isn't it? Even if it's already evening in your place, it is still a great day!

Thank you all for taking the time to visit and read some of my posts. I noticed that a lot of you are reading my Tools and Materials post. I'll be creating a post soon about the tools and materials that I have used mainly so far. It might be on the next post to this one! 

It's been more than a year since my last post. What was I even doing then? 

Just like every human living in this planet, even you reading this, have been going through struggles of life. It has taken quite long enough and I was able to stand on what I believe in. Whatever that is, I will just keep it to myself as of the moment.

When it comes to passion, I took art lessons a couple of months ago to improve my artwork. I know there are a lot of free videos that will teach you how to draw and even paint, but there was something about it that seemed lacking to me. I was a bit prideful at first, but seeing that I had no progress at all, I had to get rid of that and took the lessons. His rate was expensive, but when I took his first session, I felt he was going to teach me a lot. And the money I paid for him was worth it. It was a good decision since I got to meet a lot of artists of all ages. It also rekindled my passion of pursuing the art that I really admire, too. 

I also realized that I have a lot of things to improve. My instructor told me I know how to draw, but I lack skills with tonal values (more like shading). It's very frustrating because I couldn't get it right even after so many sessions. I hesitate a lot by going back and forth to my work, seeing it is okay. It seemed that it was already acceptable. Is this how an artist is going to be like - like there is no end? I'm not stopping though. In fact, I am having fun. 

So where am I going now? Just last year I had a couple of commission work done, but to be honest, I wasn't satisfied with it. I was asking myself whether this is going to be the one I should be doing. It is still a part of calligraphy and I was even happy making it. However, there was something bugging me whether it was the one that I should be doing or not. 

Most of my commission work were pointed pens and two of them were addressing envelopes. It was my start and I thought it was going to go steady, but it felt like it wasn't the right one that I should be doing. When I discovered calligraphy back in 2013, I already knew what I was really going to do. However, due to competition, I got swept away in that plane and got lost. I was frustrated and have been belittling myself that I should have done this or that, but I already knew what I really wanted to do. It still has something to do with calligraphy, but it is more on broad edge. So what I did, I keep on writing in broad edge and tried to create art with it. It was also the time that I discovered I needed art lessons because my color combination did not seem right, like it was dead. I posted one in my Google+ page.

I'll be showing my artwork in my G+ page, starting from when I took my first art session until the latest one. Next week, I will be learning how to paint, although it is still about techniques rather than color harmony, the part in my art that's missing. 

That will be all for this post. Until next time then!

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