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Tools and Materials Part 2: Watercolor

Let me start with showing a view of what my current workstation looks like.

Tools and Materials that I currently use:

- Pencils: Steadtler 2B and 3H, Stabilo 6B and 5B, Faber Castell 6H and B- Watercolor brushes: Escoda Versatil 8 and 6, Denise 11, Princeton Monogram and Liner (and some unlabeled brushes)
- Measuring tools: ruler, protractor, triangle set, french curve, drafting compass
- Watercolor pad (Canson and Berkeley)
- Winsor & Newton Cotman half pan 12 set (with Cotman brush 5)
- Sennelier Quinacridone Red
- Daiso watercolor
- Drawing book (mine's from Daiso)
- Reeves Watercolor and Gouache
- Faber Castell's Kneaded Eraser
- Plastic Eraser
- 2 glass jars (mine's sardine bottles)

My list is neither basic nor advanced. Most of them are bought out of curiosity. I get a feel of what each of these items work for me and adjust accordingly. I get confused with following recommendations to the dot (from Instagram and YouTube), so I only buy the ones I keep hearing a…

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